Quilting the Countryside!

Welcome to the picturesque hills and valleys surrounding Caledonia to enjoy the barn quilts that adorn the landscape of Houston County, Minnesota. What began as a creative barn improvement project for a local family has evolved into an ever-growing series of art displays in the form of barn quilts. The project promotes the importance of barns, the historical significance of quilting, and the artistic talents of local residents. In 2008 Caledonia was proclaimed “The Heart of Quilt Country” by the Minnesota State Legislature. About 60 barns now grace this countryside with beautifully painted quilts whose patterns and colors celebrate historical American quilt patterns and our agricultural heritage. See the VISITOR RESOURCES tab (LINK to the DOWNLOADS on Visitor Resources) for maps and self-guided tour routes . Barn Quilt Map Brochures are available at local businesses, the Houston County Historical Society museum, the Caledonia Area Chamber of Commerce office or City Hall.



This PBS show includes a segment on Caledonia’s Barn Quilts: (segment begins at 11:28)

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